Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Top X Funny Moments in Any Kitchen

Kitchens can be very serious places. They were, at a point, run like military operations. What the chef said was equivalent to the 10 commandments. You never questioned an order. I learned that quickly in my internship!

For all the seriousness kitchens have. We like to joke around. Sometimes it involves pulling our co-workers legs, giving a good ribbing, or just being plain silly.

Here are a few great examples!

1. Sometimes. your Chef decides to loose it

2. Oh, Could you mince the salt?

3. Wait...The Customer wants a What?

4. Sometimes Chefs Lose it Another way....

5. Um, Wait, How much Have you Drank Chef?

Thank you for reading our 5 funny moments in kitchens. Feel free to keep reading out stuff here!

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