Monday, September 18, 2017

Great Knife Reviews

I recently posted a back to school special for chefs on knives that you could buy to help young chefs through the trials of culinary school. Hopefully all of you have finished your back to school shopping by now!

However, these are just one chef’s opinion!

A Great Site For Knife Reviews And More

 I recently found a site called that went through the process of talking to two chefs, a cooking instructor, and a knife expert, then chopped, diced, and peeled with 11 best-selling chef knives to see which stood out and then they wrote a very thorough review of their favorite the knives.

It has all sorts of advice throughout the post that can help the reader better decide what type of knife they would like to buy. They picked 5 knives out of the eleven that are great for everyone from students to professional chefs! You will have to read their post to find out which five!

Along with all the great research they did. They also provide a lot of beautiful pictures and help breakdown knives for those who might not be as familiar with knives.

For instance, I took this picture from their site and this is just one of many amazing pictures! It is a great simple breakdown of what the different points are from a knife. Sure, you might know the edge, but what about the bolster and tang? They do more than just review the knives themselves.


They provide all the important metrics you might want to know like weight, style and whether the knife is dishwasher safe! In addition, they also list out the tests they ran on each knife to find out which knives would be best! Now that is pretty cool!

They brought in a cooking instructor to get advice on what types of tests they should run each knife through.

Then they ran all the knives through those tests. Here is the list of tests they ran their knives through:

Herbs: Can the knife cut mint leaves without bruising them?

Carrots: Can the knife slice carrots without splintering the slices?

Butternut Squash: Can the knife both slice into, and carefully peel, a butternut squash?

Chicken: Can the knife successfully butterfly a chicken breast? Click here to read more.

And not to make this sound like an infomercial...but this site is really a “But wait there is more!” Kind of site. The reviewers on really wanted to make sure they provided the best information possible.The post itself is laced with helpful hints and quotes from professional knife makers.

It really goes to show you that they wanted to give their readers as much helpful information to buy new knives as possible.

For instance here is a short but concise explanation between European and Japanese knives from

Japanese vs European-style?Japanese-style knives are lighter, with thinner blades; European-style (or German-style) knives are heavier, with wider blades. Neither is necessarily better. It boils down to personal preference and the type of cooking you're likely to do. - 

Buying knives over $100 is not easy, so it is great to have such a clear and well written review. Let us know your thoughts? Do you agree with the knives is recommending? Do you have any preferences yourself? Please do check them out!Feel free to read their whole review on great knives and all their other reviews here!