Saturday, September 29, 2018

A Great New Chef Knife

M633 Home and Kitchen Products 8 inch chef knife

Every chef or home cook needs a good main chef-knife. 

There are so many options it can be very confusing. Many of these knives range from $100-250.

That can be far out of reach for most of us.

So where do we go for both high quality knives and good prices?

The M633 8 inch chef knife is a great new product that offers an affordable and durable chef knife that stays sharp and performs amazingly.

M633 is determined to provide our customers with the top quality stainless steel chef knife at a reasonable price.
To ensure this, the team at M633 has worked with their manufacturer to make a blade that is sharper than other knives on the market. Their chef knife is sharpened down to 2.2mm, as opposed to other knives out there that are 2.3mm. This knife can be used to fillet fish or carve big pieces of meat due to its sharp blade. Warning, because of how sharp this knife is, be careful when you unpack it from the box.