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13 Things Anthony Bourdain has a Distaste For

13 Things Anthony Bourdain has a Distaste For

Anthony Bourdain could be likened to the Simon Cowell of food. He always seems to have a slightly cynical point of view on the modern food industry but loves the real hidden treasures. For him, that doesn't always require a 500$ propped up chef tasting menu in New York.


I only found a few top "X" lists of things that Anthony Bourdain Hates. So I decided to create a list of things Anthony Bourdain either hates or simply has distaste for.  If there isn't a video or a picture, there is a link to the article with the said distaste..because everything on the internet is true..right???

1. Hipsters

That is right Seattle...he dislikes you and your craft beers, your man buns and your urban outfitters sweater!


2. Vegetarians 


Working in restaurants, vegetarians and vegans can truly be difficult. I totally get where Bourdain is coming from. I do think they are people too, but sometimes I feel sad when I know the seared scallop would taste better than the roasted daikon or celeriac round.


3. Guy Fieri


Now this one goes back and forth. I have found articles that state there is no beef and others that fire up an inferno of mocking words from Bourdain towards the hedgehog hair-styled celebrity chef. You would think Bourdain would have mercy after Guy Fieri's NY Times Review grilled into Fieri's American Kitchen.



4.Gluten Free Diets

Oh dear, Gluten free diets can be the worst. I used to have to do a lot of the baking at one of the places I worked. Often times, I had to make gluten free options. They tasted awful. I really just feel bad for people on gluten free diets




5.James Beard Awards

This is a great article. I remember reading this years ago and wondering how much of it was true!



 6. Dumb Craft Beer

Umm, I mean, apparently he really, really dislikes all things hipster!


7.Truffle Oil


I think most Chefs hate truffle oil...however, somehow..our customers love it. I think it would be best used to help lube the engine of my Toyota.


8.Kobe Sliders


 There is a great story at the Herbfarm. We recall one night where we had a customer come in. Look at the tasting menu. Then he asked if he could just have a plate of burgers...wait what???





10. Ketchup on a Hot dog


I am that guy that likes ketchup on a hotdog..probably because I have never had a good hotdog! I mean I am from Seattle, I guess we have "Japan Dogs"?


11. The Food Network


  "It is a measure of how seriously crack-brained, rapacious and evil the Deep Thinkers at Food Network must be that I find myself–yet again–in deep sympathy with their stable of stars." -Anthony Bourdain


12. A good other handful of Celebrity Chefs





13. Not so much Hate, just plain Fighting words!


This is a great list of times Anthony Bourdain has just said something fiery! It is a great timeline. Check it out.


So this is a little bit different than most of my posts. Most of them try to focus on advice for cooks and recommendations of restaurants. So I hope you enjoy a quick detour.


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